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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hits and Misses

HIT: Our trip to the Honolulu Zoo yesterday. There were not any crowds and the weather was perfect for visiting-- overcast without any rain, so we never got hot while walking around.  We bought a family membership so we can go back regularly. It's only 20 minutes away and in addition to the animals, the playground there is lovely. We had the pleasure of witnessing the gibbons making their calls while doing some crazy acrobatics. The sounds were out of this world-- rich, deep tones and beats that echoed like music across the park. All four of us were mesmerized, while the rest of the visitors migrated in our direction to see what could possibly be making those wild noises.

MISS: Backing into the palm tree in our driveway and breaking Missy Kia's tail light. Flush. That was the sound of $100 dollars going down the toilet known as the "random and inexplicably expensive auto parts" supplier on the internet.

HIT: Joining the local YMCA to get fit and sing like the Village People on a regular basis. We signed up so the kids could resume swimming lessons and I can take advantage of workouts with free day care. Benji and Alice are totally jazzed about their play room and the prospect of playmates, and I'm excited to try some new exercise options. I showed up for my first yoga class a couple of days ago, and after laying out my mat discovered it was "power yoga"... for 90 minutes. Yikes. Needless to say, I am sore in the oddest places right now. I followed that up with my first Zumba class this morning. I was shaking it on Mama's Day, let me tell you.

MISS: Keiki Hula. Our other adventure at the family gym was not so positive. We tried to bring the kids to "Keiki Hula," which we pictured to be a toddler-filled room full of cute music, hip and arm motions, and parental amusement. Not so. When the teacher arrived she brusquely ordered Benjamin "off the floor! off the floor!" because he was not five years old and not a girl. We knew he was younger than the rest and not wearing the same hula practice skirt, but naively thought this would not be an issue. Tag took to calling the teacher "Aunty on a Mission," because we soon observed that she is a one woman hula commando striving to save the vanishing island arts with a handful of young girls in the Kailua YMCA.

HIT: Mother's Day dinner at Zippy's, a small chain of Hawaiian diners. This place has always intrigued us because it was listed on the "Z" page of Benjamin's Hawaiian alphabet book that we bought on his first trip to Kauai at 9 months. Tag ate their signature loco moco dish with chili, in addition to the standard rice, burger patty and fried eggs. We took a picture, but I'll spare you because frankly it was not a photogenic meal. Alice and Benji were thrilled with the packs of crayons and draw-on placemat, chocolate milk with straws, noodles for dinner, and the jello/pudding desserts that came with the meal. What is not to like about that nutritious and delicious experience?  

Can we join you? Our parents are driving us crazy with their rules. 

Turtle: Hi, my name is Rusty.
Benjamin: I'm Benji, and this is baby Alice.
Turtle: I like being quiet, calm and peaceful.
Benjamin: We don't.

Imitating the monkeys.

Good place to play! I love the benches in the shade of the tropical trees.

Showing some love in our yard.

Another day, another palm frond. And... our cottage in the background. 

Living the life at Zippy's.

PS-- Childrens' wardrobe kindly provided by Alex Marshall Studios.

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