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Saturday, May 21, 2011

A is for Alice

Alice and her big blue eyes. She likes lolling in the ball pit during her new gymnastics class.  

"A" you're Adorable, "B" you're so Beautiful, and "C" you're a Cutie full of Charms! 

My grandpa McGinn used to sing that song to me when I was little, and all of it applies to my sweet Alice, my favorite "A." Now that I've already listed out Benjamin's talents and characteristic habits, it is time to cover the traits and temptations of our terrific toddler (who happens to be talking to herself in her crib right now instead of sleeping)...
  1. In a Nutshell: Alice is funny and mischievous, and a total charmer. Sometimes she practices her sly and silly expressions, just so they are ready to go when needed. She is very big and strong for her age, and not afraid of throwing her weight around (the girl can tackle!). She absolutely worships Benjamin, following his every move even when it is ill advised. Case in point: she put gummy worms on her frozen yogurt tonight just because he did ("I want worm"). 
  2. Favorite Things to Say: "By self" (meaning "I must do this by myself, so don't mess with me because if you do I will yell BY SELF even louder"), "Memi" (meaning "Benji"), "I like that" (usually pronounced in a very loud voice so all people can be aware of her preferences), and "Baby Ah-ya" (meaning "Baby Alice," which is her proper name as far as she is concerned because she uses it whenever she is asked by someone)
  3. Wake Up Time: Somewhere between 5:45 and 6:15 am. It is a time of day when not even the sun wants to be up, but little Miss Alice is happy as a clam, strutting around the house looking for books to read and messes to make. She now departs her crib with a dismount, and sometimes makes a morning announcement. Yesterday she said, "Daddy, I have poop." Meaning get off your duff and change my diaper.   
  4. Favorite Things to Play: Alice loves to color and play with Play Doh. She's getting pretty talented with legos, but her approach is all about dumping them and then picking them up one by one and putting them back in the bulk yogurt container. That activity fits in with her love of cleaning things, especially scrubbing. We think she gets this interest in tidiness from her Aunt Beth. Alice really has a special place in her heart for Elmo, so she's a big fan of his movies and iPad apps. She can navigate a touch screen better than most adults. 
  5. Different than Benjamin: Alice tends to be more of an extrovert. She is never shy in groups of kids, and doesn't mind grabbing center stage. We went to Pajama Story Time one evening at the Kailua Library and Alice promptly scooted herself right at the feet of the librarians to see the books up close, eschewing the standard semicircle of the other kids there to listen. She yelled out "I like that book, Daddy!" many times when they read The Napping House and then totally hammed it up during the dance breaks. It was her uncontrollable enthusiasm taking over, and we were laughing too hard to stop it.
  6. Strange Habits: Alice likes to put on socks. If there is an available pair in sight, regardless of the owner, she will sit down and take the time to try them on. Alice also likes eating salad, and this seems kind of weird for a toddler. Bring on the lettuce, bring on the spinach... she is game. When you talk about doing some exercise or stretches Alice will start walking around on her hands and feet, with her head hanging upside down looking backwards. That is her take on getting fit. She is also a big fan of tissues. Blowing her own nose and throwing away the kleenex is lots of fun. 
  7. Sleeping Pose: She must sleep on her tummy with her tush propped in the air, her fingers twirling her hair, binky in mouth, and tucked under the knitted blanket from Grandma Engstrom.     
  8. Chubbiest Parts: Alice has all kinds of cheeks. Her copious facial cheeks are utterly kissable, while her bottom is perfectly round like two plums. Her thighs are pudgy with her baby fat (she still has a pinch and a roll there!) and I could squeeze them a hundred times a day. Other than that, she has been stretching out a lot lately-- going for the long rather than wide look. 
  9. Biggest Challenge: Alice is very strong willed, and can get insistent to the point of causing herself harm (suggested reading: previous post about visit to the ER with nursemaid's elbow). While seeing the sunrise on a tropical island sounds romantic, the vibe of that experience is shot when it is a daily gig. The early riser thing could go the way of the Hawaiian Honeycreeper, as far as I'm concerned. 
  10. Future Predictions: I expect Alice to be cracking me up for many years to come. She is confident and adaptable, and quite a performer. I think she'll do something that involves being social and setting others at ease. Based on her trek up Haleakala, Tag thinks she may be a mountaineer. Of course, no matter what she does she'll continue to be Adorable, Beautiful, and Charming, too... 
Alice showing off her "Alice in Hulaland" shirt. 

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