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Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers' Day Retrospective

We had an awesome time today celebrating Tag (also known as "dada" by some in our bunch). Benjamin agreed with me that Tag is the best dad around, and then Benji insisted that he was part of the selection process. When I dug into the details and asked when he made his choice between all of the available fatherly options he said, "on Saturday." Benji is fond of mixing fact and fiction, but he had one thing straight-- we got a great pick for Dad in this family. We had to show our appreciation in style. The best way to share our Fathers' Day island adventures is with pictures because they tell a much better story than I can manage at this point. Fathers' Day wiped this mama out.

My somewhat fictional caption to this photo:
"Dad, in honor of your special day let's knock out a half-dozen malasadas."
"Sounds like a deal to me, Son."
Note the hot family van in the background. Jealous of how hip we are, yet?

It's 9:00am. Time for some father and son bonding time under the shears at SuperCuts.

The whole family took a tractor-pulled wagon tour of Kahuku Farms on the north shore. This 3rd generation farm has 100+ acres of tropical fruits and a yummy farm stand for lunch.

All of us riding through the bananas. 

The kids play ball with Tag in the field behind the farm stand. 

Benjamin found some "headlights."

The kids fell asleep on the ride back from the farm, so Tag and I decided to continue driving past Kailua to the east side to check it out. As you can see, this was not a bad idea. 

When the kiddos woke up we took an impromptu family hike up to Makapu'u Point, the easternmost point of Oahu. The path was steep but paved, so if you were small enough to ride in a stroller you could hitch a ride. If you were large enough to push a stroller, well... you got to work off the lilikoi ice cream from the farm stand. 
Tag helping the littlest hiker get to the lookout cage at the tippy top of the mountain.  The binky really completes her rugged look. 

The view towards the lighthouse. Water, water everywhere!

Looking back towards Kailua.

Alice and I ate a big pile of cold lychee at the top of the mountain.  Yum.  

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