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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thunder and lightening, without any strikes

Alice shows off her new Crocs.  
We've had some amazing storms here the past couple of days. At one point the thunder was roaring so loudly last night I could feel the house and bed shaking. It was wild, yet the kids slept through all of it. The wet weather has forced us to get creative with how we use our time with the kids. Yesterday we did some craft projects-- making some bracelets with glow-in-the dark beads. Thank goodness they glow because more than a couple of them escaped the "workspace" (also known as our king sized bed).  You can only imagine how far beads can travel when a 30-pound princess decides to interrupt the activity with some wild leaping across the mattress.   

Doing legos on the multi-functional workspace.
On a whim we decided that we should go bowling after dinner last night, just so the kids could move around a bit and we could leave our tiny house for a while. Benjamin was very enthusiastic about the whole experience, and especially thrilled about his rental bowling shoes. It must be some of his Midwestern DNA shining through. Our form and our scores were pathetic, but we had fun nonetheless. I have learned that one round is plenty when you're relying on tidal forces to attract a barely moving bowling ball towards the pins. 

Watch out, Gutters... here comes your Boss. 
Nice moves, nice tush. 
Do you see those two pins trembling? Alice gets on the score board with some help from Daddy.
Today we ventured out during the wet morning to see a free magic show at the Kailua Library. Alice seemed interested for the first part of the show, but then turned her attention to raiding the table of magic-themed books before any of the other audience members. Benjamin was enthralled with the act and kept trying very earnestly to be picked as the magician's special assistant. Sadly this never happened, but we did enjoy seeing many birds, silk scarves, and flowers emerge from boxes, hats, and velvet bags. My favorite was the rabbit named Oreo who popped out of a cooking pot. While I could unscramble many of the other illusions, the bunny's appearance really mystified me!     

Once again it is starting to thunder this evening and the lights just flicked off for a second. I am enjoying the sounds of the storm and the flashes of lightening, made all the more real because half of our house is a wall of sliding glass windows. It will certainly make the sunny days ahead seem even warmer and more special. I was beginning to take the whole perfect weather thing for granted. 

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