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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 4th of July

Benji flies a turtle kite.

Holding the kite like a pro on the windy beach.

Watching fireworks from the beach lighting up the ocean is one of many special moments of this Hawaii experience that will stick with me for a lifetime. The kids were in awe of the colors and noises, and the sheer magic of seeing something so whimsical on such a grand scale. It is not often that my response to Benji's question is this simple... "Why are they making those fireworks in the sky?"

(Smiling) "To make all of us happy."

We spent the evening at a lovely party with a group of people that was almost entirely new to us besides Georgia, but we could not have felt more welcomed. Benji made a friend named Indigo, a three-year-old girl whose parents are Australian and English. Needless to say, she could not have a more charming accent. They are here through the end of the month as well, so we've arranged a get-together at the playground this week.  The funny thing was that our families had met in the ocean the day before, when Alice's boogie board bumped into Jay (Indie's dad) in the waves. Now that we see people we know in town and at the beach we're really starting to feel integrated into our little island community.

This week I have been reminded that it is friendships-- old and new-- that take a traveling experience from enjoyable to extraordinary.
Tyler chose Benji's outfit for the beach trip on the 4th. They called it "pinkilicious."

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