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Sunday, July 3, 2011

July begins with a blowout

This weekend we attempted to cross an adventure off our list... so we headed to Chinatown on Saturday morning to check out the scene. This outing began just fine, but had to be prematurely evacuated because Alice had a diaper blowout that took prisoners. Tag's shorts fell damply in the line of duty. These things happen. We fled the scene so quickly that we were stopped by an officer and reminded about Hawaii's jaywalking law. Luckily we avoided the ticket, but I would not have been above seeking diaper-related sympathy.

Jaywalkers buying day-old leis in Chinatown.

Benji requested a potty break in a convenient location as we were making Plan B. We stopped at Leonard's in the name of "comparison shopping." Then we spent the rest of the morning doing some errands at the huge mall. That was not the exotic outing we had planned for--no dim sum, no pho--but so it goes.  

This is not a sign to simply drive by. You follow the yellow arrows to happiness.

One thing we've been grateful for lately is the therapeutic effects of boogie boarding. Regardless of how sad or grumpy the kids get (yes, those things happen here!), they immediately get giddy once we take them out on the water... So do we.

Alice gets delivered past the break zone like this.

Shaka, Brah!

Making plans for the Green Room.

In the soup.

This break is not for the weak.

I know I still owe you the official response to the blog photo challenge, but I need another day to figure it out. Be patient and cross your fingers for a happy ending.

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