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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Darling Alice turned two yesterday. I can't believe how much she has changed since we've been here. She is taller, blonder, and way more chatty. Plus she can hold her own in the ocean. I'm amazed by all of these changes and feel so blessed that I've been able to witness them moment by moment over the past four months.

All this week we had been making preparations for Alice's birthday party which happened earlier today. First and foremost, we needed to finish the pinata. I stuffed it with toys and candy while the kids napped yesterday. We also made chocolate cupcakes (per the request of the birthday girl, under the firm direction of her older brother). Tag and the kids scouted out a good location in the nearby beach park to host our "snack picnic" party.

The finished product

In the midst of the party preparations we were busy with a whole other project as well. Now that we are down to just two more weeks on Oahu we need to sell Missy Kia the minivan. Tag took her for a washing and vacuuming yesterday so we could take pictures and post an ad on Craigslist late last night. This morning while Tag and the kids were reserving our picnic spot at the park and I was at home frantically assembling fruit kabobs for the party... my phone was ringing like crazy with interested buyers. Who knew our minivan would be such a hot commodity? I know we've made it look good, but had no idea the entire island was paying attention.

The ad photo that launched a thousand inquiries

At around 9:30 a.m. I drove all of the party food and supplies over to the park, met up with the rest of the fam and we set up for the festivities. Our guests showed up shortly after 10:00 and the kids started climbing trees and eating snacks.

Birthday girl tossing some disc

Jungle gym

Twenty minutes into our party one of the potential Kia buyers stopped by the park to see the van while they were in town. The family scoped it out for five minutes... and it was sold! The husband is a fire fighter based in Kailua and is even going to give our kids a station tour. Now that is some aloha in a vehicle sale. One of our party guests then offered to loan us a car for the remaining time we have here. I think I am doing a major cashing in on my positive karma, because the good vibes are unreal.

So, back to the party... The kids played for a while and then insisted it was time to crush my artwork, um, I mean... pinata. Tag had scoped the perfect whacking location and implements. There was lots of excitement because the breaking and treat release was gradual, so the kids had to be vigilant and they were. The enclosed sea life toys were a big hit (hey Engstroms, hey Mom-- did you catch that one? I lovingly insert puns for your amusement). Next, Alice enjoyed her "puptake" and the happy birthday song. At around noon a rain shower came along and created a neat way to quickly shut down festivities and move us to nap time.

Indigo takes a whack and the vultures look on

Alice is given the big stick to up the ante

Party scene in Kailua Beach Park

Alice came home and polished off the remaining deviled eggs. She wore her new Snow White nightgown and fell asleep while Tag was reading her books. Thankfully Benji was out like a light, too, so Tag and I could clear the fruit kabob-making wreckage from the kitchen. In the future I might pass on making artistic melon, pineapple and berry creations while fielding inbound calls on a used car. But, hey... it worked!

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