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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Alice and the toad

Since the last post we've been busy setting turtle traps. Today we went to "Valley House," a large private estate with a beautiful waterfall and river running through the property.  While Tag was busy working I played chasing games with the kids amongst the large tropical trees and near the reflection pool filled with lotus flowers.  This game was all done with the goal of producing long and deep naps in the afternoon. Result: positive.

During our adventure Alice and Benji also followed some peacocks around and spied on the orchids in the screened-in gazebo. It was a pretty idyllic setting, and I can easily imagine my fabulous life as the owner of Valley House. You'd all be invited, of course. 

Alice went off exploring near a palm tree and ran back screaming and motioning wildly.  I soon realized that she had moved a piece of palm frond on the ground and uncovered a large cane toad.  This made her daddy so proud (turning over logs to look for critters is a trademark of a dedicated herpetologist)!  Alas, no turtles in the traps yet... I can't wait to share some pictures of those ugly beasts. 
Alice and her discovery

Benji filled his new bucket at the beach yesterday

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