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Thursday, March 17, 2011

First report from Kauai

We have arrived in Kauai a day and a half ago and we are starting to settle in. The flights went very well-- the only challenge was the vast quantity of stuff we were dragging around with us. Alice slept for most of the flight to Honolulu, and Benji seemed pretty entertained by the novelty of the whole flying experience. He was a huge fan of the airplane food, because the muffin came in a special compartment of the meal box. Hawaiian Airlines supplies lots of tropical juices in flight, so those were a big hit, too.  Benji wore his headset the whole time because I think he felt it made him look cool. I did not debate that. 

After going out for a local-style breakfast yesterday (Alice had keiki loco moco and loved it! More on that later...), we bought tons of groceries and supplies for the next month. Besides buying eggs, milk and all the usual stuff, we got the kids some big beach balls and bubbles. They have adapted pretty well, but still seem to be on California time. We were up at 5am today (before the roosters that crow each morning). 

Tag will probably start getting his research equipment organized today. That involves a trip to Dan's taro farm to get the turtle traps, which is a guaranteed adventure. Dan has been building tree houses on his large property to make an eco-village. Last time we were there I scored some free bananas from his tree. Way better than taro, in my opinion...

Anyway, here are a few pics from our house. Imagine the sounds of birds and geckos (and the occasional rooster) in the background to get the full effect.  
Tag, Benji and Alice playing in the front yard

Our house until the end of April

Benji has become an expert at finding the macadamia nuts, and using the  special nutcracker to get at the goods

Alice is getting so big!

Pondering the tropical flowers...

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