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Friday, March 11, 2011

Pack away superstition (next to the tank tops)

Sometimes I'm into the notion of getting signs from the universe to predict how future events will unfold. Not today.

My first official day away from the office and focused on packing for our trip began with news that a tsunami was hitting Hawaii, and we discovered our cat had an abscess. Instead of organizing toiletries in my ditty bag I was at Chico Hospital for Cats weighing in on the lancing and oozing of Addy's head. I had to unwind from the whole experience with a pedicure, which was also important for getting my feet beach ready. Later today we bid farewell to friends while out to dinner for the first time at the new Chico place, Farmstar pizza.

There are several things to note here: (1) while Hawaii was spared from the tsunami damage, the images from Japan are horrible so I send my healing thoughts around the globe, (2) Addy's head did indeed drain quite well but looks pretty undignified with a huge bald spot, (3) I used the words "ditty bag" purely for the amusement of my siblings because I think my dad is the only person who really says that anymore (or ever did?), and (4) my dinner shoes smushed the elaborate design that the sweet Vietnamese woman painted on my big toe and now it looks like bird poop (seriously).

Tomorrow I'll resume all efforts to pack my flip flops and sunscreen, and I'm sure it will go much better (or even just go... because I really didn't open a bag today). As soon as we land in Hawaii this blogging thing will begin in earnest. I expect all kinds of wit and wisdom to shine forth from the islands. Watch out.    

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