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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Missy Kia & the Canyon

We bought a minivan today. Pretty exciting stuff! It is a 2006 Kia Sedona in light blue with just 25,000 miles (there are only about 30 miles of highway on Kauai-- so it is hard to rack up too many). Hopefully it serves us well on Kauai and Oahu, and is attractive on the resale side of the equation...

The kids love the "sports van," as Benji calls it. We named her Missy Kia, due to her license plate and brand name. Here are the photos from when we got home.

Pretty blue on the outside

The drivers

Tag is basking in the glory and sexiness of owning a minivan

Hawaii plate has a rainbow. Love it! We added the sticker-- are you surprised its a turtle? 

While the car and the beach consumed most of the day today, yesterday we did an all-day field trip and picnic at Waimea Canyon (Koke'e State Park). Here are some snapshots from our visit to the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

We found a perfect picnic site for lunch

The kids loved playing in this clump of trees

Watch out for Nene! State bird of HI (a native goose)

For your reference

The lookout was worth the drive. Cliffs and ocean views were gorgeous.

Views of the canyon during the drive back

Mom Mom and Benjamin

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