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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

JD, Mom Mom & Costco

My parents arrived on Kauai today, by way of DC, LA and Honolulu (their original flight through Chicago was canceled). We promptly embarked on a family adventure... to Costco. We are now armed with papayas, avocados, pretzels filled with peanut butter (lots), macadamia nut cookies (even more), and a variety of other essentials for island living.

For $14 the whole family ate at the outdoor food court. Benjamin dissected and ate his pizza layer by layer (toppings, cheese, then crust), and Dad couldn't stop talking about the yumminess of his hot dog (no surprise there). We finished the meal with some frozen yogurt, which, by the way, is a great way to get your kids sticky before entering a shopping establishment.

Now we're home and it is nap time. Benji and Dad are asleep. Alice has woken up early and is reading with Mom. I am enjoying some moments free of supervision responsibilities. Tag is out repairing one of the traps that has a hole in the netting (not effective).

Sadly, no turtles in the traps just yet. This research demands patience... Tag says it takes the turtles about a week to discover the traps. Slow to act/move, I guess. Or, maybe we need to up the ante from sardines in the bait dish.    

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