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Thursday, April 7, 2011

60% Chance of Rain

Well, the forecast was pretty accurate.  It was sunny 40% of the time, but WAY more than 60% rainy the rest of the time during our journey to Limahuli Gardens. Nonetheless, the kids loved it. Alice marched around the whole mile-long, rugged trail. Benjamin carried our team backpack the entire time (the adults only felt slightly guilty about this). Also, Michelle taught Alice and Benj to use leaves as umbrellas (this did not work, by the way).

We learned about the native plants, the invasive plants, and the ones that were brought here by the Polynesians. We're still in awe of the travelers' foresight to pack plants for cultivation when setting off into the big ocean in a wooden canoe.  Hmm... let's bring clothes, shoes, hats, hunting gear, bedding material, and perhaps some taro, turmeric, sugarcane, ginger, coconut palm and breadfruit plants just in case.  As Michelle just said, "that boat was FULL."

That is the 60% chance of rain heading our way...
Sopping wet! Happy! Benji is carrying his leaf umbrella.
Alice loved these little slippery steps and insisted on doing them "by self."  Let me translate. That means "don't touch me, don't even touch my shirt, and if you do I will squawk at you and say no, no, no."  
Back at home and riding a palm frond horse.

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  1. We just read about this EXACT thing today and thought the same thing. You're gonna go 2500 miles in a wooden canoe and THAT'S what you're going to bring...? Too funny. Loving your blog, hope you're following ours and CANNOT wait to see you guys. xo