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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hanalei and other entertainment

We've had another few adventures since my last writing that I want to share updates on. Our visit and picnic at Hanalei Beach yesterday was a lot of fun-- some bright sunshine and some light rain. The kids enjoyed the waves, and the adults enjoyed the views. Hanalei is a long, arced beach with mountains all around. At this time of year there are several waterfalls running in the mountains nonstop. I love that the sand at Hanalei is so SOFT.  I taught Alice how to make drip castles (she preferred the destruction part).  I remember making many drip castles as a kid in Avalon, and it is still just as fun. As part of our budget-conscious picnic meal we ate pb&j's, mandarins and Hawaiian Hurricane Popcorn (love the bag! love the seaweed!). It turns out the kids don't mind if the popcorn is extra crunchy, because Alice enjoyed eating it out of her sand castle bucket. Nate did some walking along the beach and captured some nice photos along the way.

On most days we spend time out and about in the morning, and then return home so the kids can nap. Tag usually goes off to do his research at the same time. When Benji and Alice wake up I have been trying to keep them entertained with a variety of activities. Now I have Nate to help with this, too. Sometimes we go and feed Norbert's chickens next door, and visit his tropical plants farm. We've been tracking the growth of the pineapples, and to my untrained eye they are ripe and begging to be eaten by me and the fam.

We also do a lot of sidewalk chalk in the driveway. Nate really raised the bar with a large installation a couple of days ago, including a whole zone dedicated to turtles.  It is an ephemeral art form, because the rain so frequently wipes the slate clean.  Yesterday Benji drew lots of rocket ships and UFO's. Alice was the passenger (no surprise there). Then we blew lots of bubbles and the kids were pretending to be dewdrop fairies from Tinkerbell. It is amazing to see how expansive their creativity can be, and to be along for the ride.

Hanalei Bay surfers

Nate on the beach

Itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini. 
Benji with the chickens.
They liked the corn cobs, papaya skins, and sweet potatoes we brought for them.
Norbert's garden next door.

Fresh pineapple. Ready to eat?


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