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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome to Maui

Well, our adventure in Maui has begun. Of course the island is stunning, and having a new landscape (with a crater right next door!) has us feeling like the things we knew about Hawaii all need to be updated with new data (uh oh... my science geek side is showing).  It has been so great to share a lovely house with the Kahns. Imagine a large wrap-around deck, a wide ocean view and sunsets that burn the clouds to crimson.  I've been wanting to write a short poem about this place because we live in a town called Haiku.

Davis and Benjamin have begun a sweet friendship that involves legos, kites, bubbles, and wrestling. All the while Karin and I have been rekindling our close friendship from our BU days, and I've gotten to meet new baby, Carter.  Not surprisingly, we've picked up with our relationship like days have passed instead of years. The setting of our reunion obviously can't be beat, but more importantly this experience is a reminder that one of life's most valuable gifts is the meaningful connections we make along the way.

Good thing...

Because now the Kahn house is serving as my recovery room following an unexpected trip to the ER yesterday. I've learned that one of the moments when I'm not so wild about being on the laid-back "island time" is when I'm in the hospital waiting room with a staph infection creeping up my arm. Yup, you read that right. From one tiny hangnail plus an ocean swim came forth the beast that felt like fire aunts on my middle finger, and sent a burning red stripe of infection up my arm. I spent the afternoon at the Maui hospital hooked up to IV antibiotic cocktails (which, by the way, can't hold a candle to Karin's beer margaritas from the night before). Then my finger was sliced, oozed, and packaged for my delivery to the outside world. Welcome to Maui... have an x-ray, tetanus shot, drugs, some gauze and a sling.

Luckily, the antibiotics seem to be working, and the vicadin is helping me with pain.  Tag has been a huge help, and Karin, Peter and our gaggle of little kids have been wonderful. Before our Maui Memorial Hospital adventure we had great trips to the playground and the beach. I'm looking forward to many more adventures once I've moved from bandages to band aids.  In the mean time I'm eating cupcakes with avocado frosting.

Here are some pics from Maui so far:

Baby Carter at 3 months-- newest member of the Kahn ohana.


Good buddies love to wrestle. Two of the tallest 3 year olds around.

They were laughing so hard at this game.

It even involved some victory dancing. 

Get back up. Repeat.

High five, bruddah!

Look at me hanging out!

My souvenir.

Loving Maui friends
Ocean blew my finger up
Better days ahead

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