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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bon Voyage!

Today we took a boat trip up the Wailua River to visit Fern Grotto, a place of special significance to the Hawaiian Islanders. It was a full-on tourist attraction, and we basked in the glory of the live music and the chance to learn some Hula dancing on board the boat.  In the multiple times we've traveled to Kauai, we've never made this journey before. The excuse today was having one final outing with Uncle Nate, who leaves for Ohio at 8:00 tonight.

Some of the ferns at Fern Grotto. 
All aboard a large flat boat. There is a hula dancer in the background... wait until you see our moves!
It is crazy that our month of guests has come to a close. It went so fast because we've been having such fun. We have just another week on Kauai, and then we're off to Maui to visit with our friends-- the Kahn family-- who are also here on sabbatical with two little kids and are also blogging (this is when I've found out just how similar I am to my college housemate, despite graduating more than a dozen years ago and having typically 3,000 miles between us).  Karin and Peter's blog has me so excited for our trip there. It will be great to see them and it will be a whole new island experience (new beaches, new falls, new gelato and shave ice, oh my!)... AND we will take a break from turtling and just focus on vacationing. I know it has looked like that's all we're doing already, and that is a fair assessment. This would be one of those times when I would highly recommend marrying a turtle biologist who focuses on unattractive species in highly attractive locations. It has PAID OFF.

Yesterday at the beach. 

My little guy looking handsome in his green swim shirt (even though it made him cry with devastation over the fact that the sleeves are not long... oh, the emotional ups and downs of toddlerhood!)

Farewell, Uncle Nate! 

This species loves being sandy. The post-beach showering involves removing all of the swimwear and the diaper, and doing some major washing from all angles. She loves that, too. 

By the way, tomorrow is the birthday of my favorite turtle biologist (Tag) (Looking great at 39!).  I love him with all of my heart. It is hard to do something extra special when you feel like you're living it every day... but I'll try!

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