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Enjoy! --Kristine

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What time is it?

Life here is different from home in so many big ways, but there are a number of subtle changes in my routine that indicate I'm not in California anymore:

  • I don't wear a watch and so I never know the date/time, but I still manage to eat every two hours (big shocker, there).
  • My phone is often on an empty battery, and I don't care because none of you people call me (Hint! and you pretend to be "big fans" of the blog, but me and my dead iPhone know the truth).
  • I haven't made a bulleted list since I went to shop at Kauai's Costco about a month ago (and right now, of course). I was the queen AND king of bulleted lists at Valley Vision, and now I can't even organize my thoughts into a concise and consistently organized blog post. I've fallen so far from the peek of intra-office communications, it's sick. 
  • No eating out for lunch. Instead, I'm a one-woman PB&J factory with a salad bar for adults. And, yes, the jam is tropical. Give me some credit, here. 
  • I never blow dry my hair. Instead I wear it in this wind-blown, wavy, just-got-off-the-beach style that I know is really hot.  
  • My weather interests focus on the trade winds instead of rainy seasons and really hot weather. I don't even really know what that trade winds are all about, because it seems pretty damn nice here every day.  I pretend to pay attention and care about them because that is all the meteorologist has to talk about on the 10pm news.   
Well, that just about exhausts my deep thinking for the day. I must return to watching Wall-E with Benjamin, because you really can't see that film too many times. Shaka! 


  1. Hey, don't worry about the bulleted lists. I am keeping the flame for you and can provide a welcome back tutorial. Love the blog!

  2. I love it too, and if I could figure out how many hours time difference there is, and if you could keep your phone charged, I'd call you to say so!

    However it may be better for YOU that the phone is uncharged. :-)