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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hair, nails and turtles

We're experiencing another guest transition... I know it is hard to keep up with our visitor rotation, but we're on to Tag's brother, Nate (aka "Cool Uncle Nate"). Michelle departed this morning for a brief stop in SF and then back to DC.  If there was a federal government shutdown we may have been able to convince our esteemed US Fish and Wildlife Service employee to be furloughed on Kauai. We had a very Hawaiian dinner for Michelle last night, including poke (ahi tuna served raw, island style), sushi rice and seaweed, pineapple, and asian salad. Fun and yum!

Yesterday Michelle and I spent the morning at the playground with the kids, and then took Benj for a haircut. I put Michelle totally in charge of the styling guidance, and she suggested a crew cut with some length on top for the "shuzz." I am still not really sure what that means, but I think it should involve some product and some styling time (we don't have either of those). Here are the before and after photos:

Shaggy and waiting for our stylist

Freshly clipped and styled

Michelle and I dropped of the kids with Tag for nap time, and then spent the afternoon snorkeling, doing water ballet, and hunting for a sea turtle that popped its head up and then disappeared on the reef (really I just sent Michelle on the search while I continued ballet-ing with much success). We picked up Nate at the airport on our way home from the beach, and got home just in time for happy hour.

Today we shifted from hair to nails. After painting my toenails a lovely shade of pink, both kids insisted that they get the same look. While Tag and Nate checked the turtle traps, I became an estetician to toddlers. We now all have the same toes, but I think my paint job survived the best because I did not insist on running through the grass and doing sidewalk chalk immediately after the application. Go figure.

Here are some pics of Tag and Nate's adventure. Sadly, the toenails have no footage.

Tag catches a lot of Tahitian prawns instead of turtles

Another turtle was caught today. The belly looks like raw chicken. 

Nate with his new pet, Cowpatty.
Yogurt, anyone?

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