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Friday, April 15, 2011

Sleeping Giant

There is a mysterious trail head about a mile from our house that we drive past every day. Nate and I used the morning yesterday to finally see where it goes. We live behind a mountain called Sleeping Giant, and yesterday I found myself scaling his belly.  It was the perfect morning for a hike-- sunny and breezy with clear views of the valleys surrounding the slumbering giant.  My goal was to walk far enough around the mountain that we'd get a view of the ocean on the other side. Mission accomplished.

One of the valley views from the mountain.
Tag stayed at home with the kids because Benji had a 24-hour virus and was getting over a high fever in the morning. The three of them had a good visit with the kids' programming on PBS. Thankfully by the time Nate and I came back home it seemed like Benjamin was getting much better. Our final effort to bring down his fever the last degree to normal was to take him to the ocean for a late afternoon swim (way better than tylenol, right?).

This past week we found a new place near our house called "baby beach." Perfect, huh? It is a small spot that is protected from wave action. Very hip with the local keiki. There also happens to be some good snorkeling all along the reef break, which makes it hip with Nate, too.  Following the swim Benji was indeed back to his normal self. We enjoyed pizza for dinner, pretended to eat play-doh cake for dessert, and then called it a day.    

Evidence of the trailhead. A horse is there in the adjacent field to greet you, too. 
Crossing the river to the Sleeping Giant. Beware: Tropical foliage ahead.
Cook Pines were brought to Hawaii by Captain Cook, and were planted on tropical islands to make the masts of sailing ships.  Cook's first stop in Hawaii was Kauai. 
Like Cook, we are intrepid explorers. With Blackberries and iPhones to take pics along the way. 
Baby Beach at 4:00 pm.
Another turtle takes a vacation to our house. 
Yes, that's the head (just the nose, really).
I know.
Tag loves them, anyway. 

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